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2014 #8 Notre Dame at Syracuse

1,191 Views views3 days ago

2014 #11 Notre Dame vs. Purdue

5,009 Views views3 weeks ago

2014 Michigan at Notre Dame

8,042 Views views3 weeks ago

2014 Rice at Notre Dame

2,907 Views views1 month ago

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2011 Champs Sports Bowl: Florida State vs. Notre Dame

519 Views views3 months ago

2010 Michigan vs. Notre Dame

666 Views views3 months ago

1978 Cotton Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Texas

376 Views views3 months ago

1993 Florida State vs. Notre Dame

370 Views views3 months ago

1977 Green Jersey Game: Notre Dame vs. USC

257 Views views3 months ago

1992 Snow Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Penn State

416 Views views3 months ago

1988 Catholics vs. Convicts: Notre Dame vs. Miami

531 Views views3 months ago

1979 Cotton Bowl: Houston vs. Notre Dame

227 Views views3 months ago

2009 Michigan vs. Notre Dame

435 Views views3 months ago

2012 Miami vs. Notre Dame

756 Views views3 months ago

Big Ten 2014 Week 2 Preview

595 Views views3 months ago

A look at some of the Big Ten's games in week two of 2014 including Ohio State vs. Virginia Tech, Michigan vs. Notre Dame, and Michigan State vs. Oregon.

2001 Fiesta Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Oregon State

654 Views views4 months ago

2012 Notre Dame vs. Oklahoma

865 Views views4 months ago

2014 Notre Dame Spring Game

3,590 Views views6 months ago

Strong and True: Notre Dame Spring Football 2014

1,605 Views views6 months ago

Notre Dame Spring Practice Reports

1,152 Views views7 months ago

2013 Pinstripe Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Rutgers

3,875 Views views9 months ago

2013 Notre Dame vs. Stanford

2,325 Views views10 months ago

2013 Notre Dame vs. BYU

1,570 Views views10 months ago

2013 Notre Dame vs. Pittsburgh

1,400 Views views11 months ago

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